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Becoming a Christian Disciple

Becoming A Christian Disciple

Jesus said, “Love God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength”, and “Love your neighbors.” -Mark 12:30-31

This is what we try to do at Pendleton Center United Methodist Church!

How can the church help you on your journey to Christian Discipleship?

Each of us needs to evaluate where we should begin, based on our own personal background and experiences. You can start the journey at your own pace, or the church will provide a guide to help you along the journey!

Listed here are examples of ministries that will help you to move toward discipleship and a healthy love for God:

Step One - Getting Started

Heart Ministry – make friends at church

  • Join in at coffee time after worship
  • Help out with fish fry dinners
  • Lend a hand at special events and activities
  • Come to one of the several concerts throughout the year


Soul Ministry – attend worship and pray to God

  • Attend weekly worship service
  • Read the Bible regularly; free Bibles are available from the church!


Strength Ministry – begin to support the church with your abilities and giving

  • Clipboards are passed each week seeking help with donations of food and supplies and/or your time
  • Sign-up to assist with one of our many ministries


Neighbor Ministry – do what you can to serve God by helping others and the church!

  • Consider one of the sign-up sheets passed during worship services
  • Check out ‘Mission Central’ and consider a way to help in one of these areas
  • Give to needy causes

Step Two - Making A Commitment To Accept Jesus As Your Lord And Savior

Heart Ministry – develop stronger friendships with other Christians by joining a group at church such as . . .

  • Pendleton Fellowship Group
  • United Methodist Women
  • Christian Country Line Dancing
  • Knutty Knitters
  • Watercolor Classes
  • Choir and other music groups
  • Softball
  • Women’s Book Club
  • And many more!


Soul Ministry – make attending worship a priority (at least three times each month). Pray daily.

  • Participate in a Prayer Vigil
  • Attend worship
  • Attend extra worship services
  • Attend concerts


Mind Ministry – read the Bible regularly. Attend a beginner’s study group.

  • Attend an Alpha Beginner’s Bible Study
  • Purchase a Study Bible (you can purchase one right here at church)


Strength Ministry – become involved in a ministry and give with a goal toward tithing

  • Attend the Dave Ramsey Financial Stewardship Seminar offered here at the church
  • Take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  • Ask for offering envelopes
  • Help out with Fish Fries, Sunday School, or other ministries
  • Get involved with projects
  • Volunteer in activities
  • Take a Ministry Interest Survey


Neighbor Ministry – look for places to share your faith with others and show God’s love in the world

  • Volunteer to help with a mission ministry or activity
  • Offer to share your testimony in worship!


+++++ At this point, people often decide to join the church +++++

Step Three - Becoming A Disciple

Heart Ministry – commit to regular involvement in a group at church by being supportive and caring

  • Volunteer in our Welcoming Ministries
  • Assist with Visiting Ministries
  • Participate actively in groups


Soul Ministry – actively engage in worship. Pray daily and specifically. Listen to God.

  • Become an usher, join the choir, serve communion, serve as a liturgist
  • Engage personally in worship
  • Join the Prayer Team and Prayer Chain
  • Consider sharing a ‘Thankful Moment’ in worship


Mind Ministry – read the whole Bible

  • Take the online Bible Challenge
  • Join in on an ongoing Bible Study Group


Strength Ministry – list and pursue your spiritual gifts in an ongoing ministry

  • Choose from a wide variety of ministry opportunities


Neighbor Ministry – train in faith sharing

  • Regularly and intentionally share about God with others and give to those in need